(Re)-Awakening the Workshop


Hello & welcome!

If you’ve made it here from the website you’ve already seen a bit of work that has come out of my shop. This blog and the other social media sites are where I will share what is happening as I start building some new instruments.

Laura and I bought this house almost ten years ago and the shop, which is a detached 2-car garage, has gone through many configurations. Having worked previously in professionally equipped shops I struggled with many of the short coming of the garage shop. Over this last winter I made some improvements that have really improved the space and made me want to start building again. I will be sharing some of these improvement projects in future posts. Now as we head into spring and longer days it seems like it’s time to get busy!

I’m still just easing my way into the social media world, but today I invited friends from my old Facebook page to like the new Dry Creek Guitars page, so perhaps some of you have made it here from there. I’ll be trying out each of the platforms with this project but I am just getting started.

It is a beautiful spring day here. It is ‘Barrel Tasting’ weekend and lots of people are in town partying at the wineries. I am headed for the workshop. I will keep you posted!


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