About Dry Creek Guitars

The Dry Creek Road exit is the last Healdsburg exit as you head north on California Highway 101. Turn left and you enter Dry Creek Valley, a world renowned wine destination. Turn right and you are not far from my workshop.

I moved here to build guitars. This part of Northern California from Santa Cruz, where I did my early apprentice work, to Healdsburg has a large community of luthiers. It is home to Luthier's Mercantile and Allied Lutherie, two premier suppliers of guitar woods and materials. For years the Healdsburg Guitar Festival was one of the largest lutherie showcases in America. The climate is great and did I already mention it's a world renowned wine destination?

I opened Dry Creek Guitars after many years of building and repairing instruments in other peoples' workshops. As I outfitted the shop with tools and jigs I designed and built a variety of acoustic and electric guitars, ukeleles and mandolins. Check out the Instruments page to see some of these past projects. In 2015 Dry Creek Guitars will be introducing new models and will update this site content.

Please send me a contact e-mail and I will notify you when the new site is up. Subscribe to the blog to follow the progress. Like Dry Creek Guitars on Facebook and follow on Instagram and You Tube to see what's happening. All the links are above.

Thanks for your interest.

-John O'Hanesian